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Here are simple tips to improve your marks

Here are simple tips to improve your marks :

If you want to get improve your marks in the exam then you are an absolutely best place where I can give you simple tips to improve or get Good Marks. so welcome to our new article where you get tips to get good marks.

Everybody knows about getting good marks in the exam that’s not easy you put hard work as well as Smart work required.

So I will give you some simple tips to make sure you follow it regularly. if you tried this for 5 to 8 days and you wish to get a good result, no you can’t. you can do it regularly that become result may be good. so let’s move on tips to improve your marks. but before moving, I will tell about not only for maths paper, or science this works for all exam like Jee, Neet and Gate Exam etc…

Simple Tips to Improve Marks ( Get Good Marks ) :

1. Practice is necessary not in the only exam but in all cases. Practice will make more useful to Understand the topic in deeply. so end time of the exam you cant read whole part of your subjects so you can read the only point of the lesson.

And without Practice, you can’t Understand the concept of the topic. without getting you can do it only Mug Up.

2. Work hard as well as Smartness :

Now people are just doing Only Hard working and Hard working means they just reading and again reading but Only Work hard are not Get a Good mark. Because all are doing are same so also do Smart work.

I will always suggest you always read less but Understand the thing (the concept of topic ).

3.  Make a Schedule :

Make a schedule tips

These are very important without scheduling you can manage it. analyze your Exam time and make a proper timetable for it. If one subject was hard for you then give more time for it and for other subject give less time.

4. Do not read continually take a break from your reading time because continuously reading become a tiredness and that should you feel laziness. You should listen to a song at the break time or other to wish you make feel fresh.

5. Always Be confident, avoid such excuses like negative thinking, you cant do it etc. always be positive and confident like…

You will Do it

You can Do it

You Must Do it

6.  Focus when learning :

focuse when learning

yeah! first thing is Concentration during classes. when the teacher was teaching at that moment your focus must be on topic. As my way, 70 % work is done during this time.

7. Always remember the whole thing what should you do in a day | what you learn today that time your realize the what should you do.

Also, read about success tips in any filed.

8. Group study was also important. studying with friends or asking a question to the teacher but do practice as Self study.

9. Proper writing makes also getting Good marks. sometimes the student has known the answer to a question but they failed in explaining a question. So write properly with suitable example if required also a diagram they may also help you.

10. Also reading other books like a motivational book, general knowledge books and many other. because reading books only study related they bored you so reading other books they inspire you. and increase your IQ level and make a habit of reading.

11.  Before the exam, check the last year people they may very help you. understand the how the question was asked, and paper patterns.

12. During the exam, make sure you feel relax and positively and in case of M.C.Q system do first which you have already known and got a quick answer. after that next move on the Hard question.

Bonus: After the Understand the topic, make sure you teach your classmate or your brother or sister so you can easily remember and you may get a double benefit. You may also properly understand and your friends will be thankful to you.

During the exam, before going out to class always check your question and answer sometimes the question was missed so always check your paper at last moment.

so I hope you understand it and if I missed or any query related this comment please and if you like this please share this on social media.

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