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Some useful whatsapp tricks – Latest whatsapp tips 2017

Some useful whatsapp tricks – Latest whatsapp tips 2017

Some useful WhatsApp tricks – Latest Whatsapp tips 2017

so friends, welcome our new article where you learn something new about Some useful WhatsApp tricks – Latest Whatsapp tips 2017. so you already know about Whatsapp application. lots of people use WhatsApp daily with the active user on WhatsApp. so they try the new thing in WhatsApp even also you try this and this place so you are at the best place to know about WhatsApp tricks.

so here the some amazing latest WhatsApp tricks ( Some useful WhatsApp tricks – Latest WhatsApp tips 2017 )

Some useful WhatsApp tricks – Latest WhatsApp tips 2017 :
1. broadcast list tricks :

so in this WhatsApp tricks, normally people don’t about this WhatsApp trick, actually this, not a trick but this is WhatsApp latest feature. people try to send a message to all his friends like one by one. so its very difficult and also time wasting so in this trick I will share about WhatsApp broadcast tricks.

here are some points to send a message to all your friends at one time ( HOW TO SEND MESSAGE TO ALL FRIENDS AT ONE TIME )

  • open the WhatsApp application on phone or computer. and click on the menu button.
  • now you see an option like ” NEW BROADCAST “. click on it
  • Now select your friends to wish to message and named it
  • then type your message and send
  • its done now you know about this trick to get send a message to all your friends at one time.

NOTE: But here is one condition, people in your broadcast list would also have your mobile number saved on his mobile number.

2. Location sharing tricks :


so friends in the second tricks, you learn about share location with your friends, family or anyone.

so here are some points to share your location with your friends or your WhatsApp contacts.

  • open the chat bar to your friend in WhatsApp
  • now click on pin image( where you can send the image , video, document and much more like also contacts )
  • click on Location option (NOTE: You must check your GPS is on your phone before trying this WhatsApp trick. )
  • It’s done.
3. Send your chatting( Message ) to your Gmail :

so, friends, you can also send your messages ( Conversation ) to your Gmail or email.

here are some points to send or save your Conversation to your Gmail.

  • open the WhatsApp app and press for few seconds to your friend or contact.
  • Now you see two option – 1 ) Email and 2) Gmail
  • now you choose anyone and its done. so that’s mean you send your Conversation to anyone by using email. ( For recommended use Gmail For no issue and fastly work By me )
4. Tag your contact tricks :

you also know about tag features on Facebook, Instagram, and much more platform but also you can use tag feature in WhatsApp in WhatsApp group. yes, you can tag your friends in the group in WhatsApp application,

  • open your WhatsApp group.
  • now type ” @ ” this and type the name whom you wish to tag and select it.
  • and press send. its done
5. New Font in WhatsApp :

So you can type a message in also new font in WhatsApp.

Here is some point about how to type different font message in WhatsApp.

Yes, you can type a message in bold, italic, strike ad other.

  • Just select your message when you type and you see 3 dots then click on it.
  • You can see Bold, italic and also strike.
  • Select it and your font will change.
6.Delete sent message :

yes, you can also delete a message you already sent a message to WhatsApp.

  • Select the message which you wish to delete from both phone
  • And see the top bar delete option and click on it
  • And you can see delete for everyone and click on it and it’s done.

NOTE: this message only deletes within in 7 min. After 7 min you can not able to delete it from both sides.


Most of this people don’t about how to secure WhatsApp. must check this trick because this is very important trick.

Nowadays WhatsApp uses as not only for fun also for work, business, some important talk so WhatsApp tries to secure.

So let’s see how to secure WhatsApp :

  • go to your WhatsApp setting and click on account.
  • now you can see two-step verification and enable it.
  • or you can also use a third-party application to lock your WhatsApp

I hope friends you loved this WhatsApp tricks so if you like this then please share with your friends and also on social media and thanks for here.

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