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How to Save mobile battery and increase mobile charging speed

Save mobile battery and increase mobile charging speed

If your battery is getting low in low time and try to find out to how to save battery and also how to increase mobile charging speed than you are absoultely best place because all have their own mobile but major problem is low battery so here are some amazing tricks to save battery and some tips to increase your mobile charging speed.

In mobile phone , when mobile is lock but some android or iosfeatures is always running in background so its also effect on battery GPS , Some apps, clocks , wifi , mobile network and many more. So lets check out first how to save battery of android

1.Turn of GPS , Wifi and Bluetooth :

Always turn of your GPS ( Location ) , wifi and bluetooth if you are not using then you must turn of because When Wifi are turn on they regulary check for wireless connection and also bluetooth has regulary check for bluetooth connectivity and also Gps. So they try to reduce your battery. So make sure always turn of when you are not using them.

2.Background apps :


Always turn of your background apps because its also directly affect on your battery power. So make sure always turn of your background apps to save your battery power.

3.power mode ( power saving ) :

Power mode ( power saving ) is also good features on phone. Normally in samsung phone. So must use this features its saves your 30 % battery because when you
lock your phone they save more battery power and also on running phone. Because when you turn on power mode – automatically backgroud apps are stop and when phon is lock they donot use mobile data and save battery power.

4.Brightness :

Make sure you use mobile in low brightness because its more affect on battery power but make sure very low or very high brightness affect on your eye.its problem create for your eye.

5.Power off :

when your not working or use your mobile than you always switch of or power off your mobile.

6.wallpaper :

Always set your wallpaper as low quality because some people set live wallpaper or high quality images on home and lock screen its also reduce battery power so must try to set low quality wallpaper on home or lock screen.

7.vibration off :

Always your mobile set as sound or silet but not choose as vibration because its affect on battery life.

8.Screen time-out :

Always choose 10 to 15 sec for screen timeout. You can change it on setting.

Screen time out – Setting > display.

So lets check out how to increase charging speed of mobile
1. Mobile charger :

Always use original charger because lots of china or defactive piece charget availbale on market so its directly affect on your battery and mobile. Its damage your battery. Make sure you use only Original mobile charger.

2.Do not use when mobile charge :

Do not use your mobile wheb its charging because where you use mobile when charging your mobile heat is generated to damge your battery.

3.Mobile Date turn of :

Always turn of your mobile data turn of when charging because its decrese your charging speed.

4.set as flight mode :

When your mobile is charginge than try to poweroff but this not possible then go to set as flight mode.

5. Temperature :

Always to try to maintain your battey temperature to less than 35 c and ignore when its above 43 c

How to maintain Battery temperatyre : follow the tips given above to maintian easily your battery temperature.

6.Do not use Damage battery :

Make sure you never usdamage battery because its very dangerous. Many problem creats like mobile blast..affect on your screen.

Tips : Do not use your Mobile phone when your battery 15 and less than 15. And mostly do not use your phone for calling when its battery low and its set on charging because its generate radiation on phone and its affect on you.

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