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Best Tricks to Remove Virus from Google Chrome

Remove Virus from Google Chrome :

Hey Friends, If You Tired because of virus in chrome and you are trying & trying but not possible to remove from chrome and nothing happens so don’t worry I will here share best tips to remove Virus from Google Chrome.

So first moving on the trick to remove first, you understand what is and how they hijack your browser and how they affect on your computer. is basically virus( Malware virus ) and Hijacked your pc/computer. When you are suffering some unwanted website and download files or software from the unsecured website and install on your pc then sometime virus was there and hijack your Browser.

when this virus hijacked your browser and set as Homepage Default page, also as Seach engine and when you open new tab tab open. you can see a totally different look of home page compare to the Chrome official page.

They really effect on your pc or as well as your Privet data. they can track all your data, user informational data, block the website and redirect to another website unwanted ads showing on your browser.

Tricks ( Tips ) to Remove Frome Chrome :

1. Make Sure You First Clear all history…also cached image, Hosted app, Autofill data, and everything. or Even you can try Uninstall Chrome browser or Reset your Browser.

How to Clear History Of Chrome Browser :
    • Open Chrome and then right side you can see options menu.Clearhistory
    • Then History Option Available or Ctrl + H.
    • Clear all history In advanced Mode.Historyclearall

    NOTE: After trying this may be will be not removed from your pc but sometimes they remove so first try this simple step. and move on next trick.

    2. Uninstall Useless Software installed on your computer…
      • Go to Control Menu
      • and Click On Programs and Features.control menu and program
      • Uninstall Useless ( Unwanted ) software.Uninstall

      I would always suggest you Uninstall unwanted software. and keep safe from non-license software.

      3. Using Software to Remove Virus :

      Sometimes manually we try to remove files which I don’t want but some are the hidden files are there. so above given tips maybe not for this but this helps for some user. after this, you can just simply download Software and they automatically scan your computer/pc.

      Not only the virus but they delete all other temp files, virus, short files, risked files for your pc and remove by just only one click.

      You can also Delete temp file manually…

      Open run and type ” %Temp% ” and select all files and delete it.

      Hitmanpro :

      HitmanPro 3 is one of the best for malware protection for your computer also for viruses, spyware. they totally scan your pc and remove the virus, malware files by just one click. so this software is available for 64 Bit and 32 Bit windows. but Hitman pro is not available free. but you can use one month for free trial.

      You can download Hitmanpro 3 by clicking here.

      Hitmanpro: steps to remove using Hitman pro
        • Install first Hitmanpro by the above-given link.
        • setup software on your computer ( For one-month free trial )
        • click on scan and wait for Some time for scanning all file.
        • then click on next and remove files which show by Hitman pro
        • Restart your computer and Your browser free from Chrome virus. It’s done!

        Conclusion :

        Now, doing this tips you can easily remove chrome virus from the browser. and stay away from the unsecured website and never install unwanted software.

        If I missed some tips so you can comment here and if this work then must be shared with your friends and thank you for reading

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