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On Page SEO : The Actionable working method in 2018

on page seo 2018

On Page SEO: the Actionable working method in 2018:-

Howdy Bloggers, So today we are dealing with the amazing workable method for On-Page SEO in 2018. since starting of blog everybody knows about the On Page SEO has become Google most ranking factor.

Actually On page SEO has become a big part of SEO. According To Google algorithm, they want the main priority for On page SEO.

But don’t Forget Of Page SEO has also the main ranking factor. Google officially said his main ranking factor: links, content, and rankbrain.

Content is nothing but On page SEO so If you give Quality content to your visitor then automatic people link your site and You are at the top position on google page of a particular keyword.

before moving on To On page SEO workable tips. I will not go to in depth of On page SEO just I discuss What should work in 2018.

If you don’t know about SEO lets click here to understand For SEO GUIDE.

On page SEO :

On page Seo is the process of increasing ranking position in SERP by the implementing in the website.

1. Content Lenth :

Everybody knows about “Content is King”. Yeah! A Mainly in Blogging field that very important. as per my view, you don’t know Of page Seo but you powerful in Content than once day you will Get Successful.

Content length must be 1000 word per article at least but you should go more words for better ranking.

2. Title Must Be SEO Friendly :

title optimized SEO

Your Title must be Magnetic means Your main Keyword are included their or for better start your title with your keyword. Always write your title as attractive. so people click on it.

For the attractive title use “BEST”, “Top”, “Amazing”, “Guide”. also add the number like “7 Tips” and at last year like 2018.

Long Titles are a bad thing in SEO. you should go with Short Title. try to maintain title below 70 words.

Your Title must be in the H1 tag. and never repeat again another word in H1 Tag.


seo friendly url

Your URL/PERMALINK must Be contain Your Main keyword and Short Url for better ranking.

Google doesn’t like Long URL so always Go to Sort URL. Check out the image for actually what is SEO Friendly URL.

4. First Paragraph :

In the First paragraph of Article, your keyword must contain and also their relative keyword called LSI keywords. and Bold your main targeting Keyword.

And also Before the first paragraph copy the title and set as in H2 tag.

5. Add Images, Video, GIF :

always Add Images or video. but make sure your image should be well optimized. use a plugin for the optimize the image if you are using WordPress.

Also, add your keyword in the ALT text of your image. and use Video in the article. you can embed your video from the youtube ( always give credit if you use other peoples video ) so your bounce rate will be decreased and automatically your ranking indirectly.

click here to know about proper Guide for Bounce rate.

6. Mobile Friendly site and Website load speed :

Google has officially said: First, they index site for Mobile because 60 to 70 % are user use mobile for finding query on Google.

So website must be Mobile Friendly.

Check out Your Site has Mobile friendly or not

Website load speed also a main ranking factor because if your site load time is more then user leaves it your site immediately and its affect your dwell time and reduce your ranking.

Below this Rankbrain is theirs. know about Rankbrain here.

check your site speed By Gtmetrix.com or Pingdom.com

7. Add internal links and Outbound links :

Always add internal links but your link must be related your content. so people check this and your bounce rate will also decrease.

and also ads External links. Google also check External links but make sure their site must be authority sites.

8. Use LSI keywords :

first, you Understand what is Lsi keywords. LSI keywords stand as Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. google also check Lsi keywords.

if your site was rank on Your main keywords then automatically they also rank on LSI keyword.

9. USE Yoast Plugin :

Yoast plugin in one of the best plugin for the on-page Seo. You can Use for the Meta title, meta description and also for focus keyword and much more.

10. Social sharing buttons :

Use social sharing button at the last of the article because the social share is also ranking factor. if your site has news niche then it’s very helpful.

Conclusion :

so I hope now you understand and importance of On page SEO. So always do first thing and Also Look at your website theme and their design as look attractive. so your Visitor comes to your site again. Thanks for reading


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