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ishqbaaz upcoming

ishqbaaz : Dadi’s new twist comming soon

ishqbaaz: mysterious Dadi’s new twist coming soon

Now shivay and anika ishqbaazi is going for actionable because anikas two silliy mistake.

after the lossing of big deal and also sahil is refussed to take admission in school denied by principle lady is due to anikas argument with her lady.

and also sahil blames to anika to he not get admission in school because of anika. so anika feelling sad and the point is shiavy also supports sahil not anika.

Dadis twist :

now after lots of twist dadies entery in oberoi mension due to her absence. and after she try to wins their heart in oberoir mension.

she try to get more relation with each and other. not only this but also they say she is best friend of Dadi. so stay few day in shivay house. ( oberoi mension )

but new twist is Lady is not for this mission but they come for secret mission against shivay family.

and rudra phones gets by khanna with dadi when he lots his mobile.

most of all coming twist is on anika and shivay and after that Omkara and guari but now twist is changed. that lady was targeted Rudra and bhavya.

So lets see How rudra and bhavya get in trouble by dadi’s mission.

More update stay with Us.

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