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Easiest Way to Earn Online By Your Skill 2018

Easiest Way to Earn Online By Your Skill 2018 :

Howdy friends, here are in the article you learn about Earn money by your skill (passion, knowledge ). and you find an easy way to earn money online.

Actually, theire are many ways to Earn online but not easy to earn like you start today and the after 3 to 5 days you started earn. not only on digital marketing but if you have unieuw knowledeg and your intrest in thier work you can easly do it and achhieve yourl Goals.

So Today i also tell you to the Best way to earn online by yourl skill. but i again told you if you want to earn you have some unique talent mainly in the digital marketing.

Fiverr is the best and easiest way to Earn online. so first you some requirement to start the work on Fiverr.

I already discuss the best way to earn online you can read it.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is nothing but this one of the best online marketplaces where you can share your knowledge and someone by your project and they will pay you.

Also, you can buy service from Fiverr then you can learn from this. their main benefit is you can buy for only 5 $. but Minimum is 5 $ then you can go more $.

So Now you think how to Join/sign up in Fiverr? so here is the process…

1.Go to Fiverr.com

2.Click on Sign in. You can sign up for Your Facebook or your Google account.

Fiverr sign up process

3. After Sign up, choose your username and its done.

Note: So if you become seller your profile must be clear and look like professionally so buyer trust you.

Also, You can set your Public Profile …

  • Like Your Profile picture
  • Discription abou youself – What your Knowledge about this topic ( ANy Topic ) , tell us your experince , also provide some history to they trust you.
  • Your languagua – So people understnad which langunce you provide in your service
  • Time – Set time to people know about your online status.

Now lest see before working On Fiverr what you require…

  • Just Basic Video editing ( Not in all topic)
  • Unique Knowledge
  • Also Basic photography ( So people attract that )

Let’s see How to Earn money by working on Fiverr :

Before moving on make sure you have some question like how do you paid, what you sell etc…so here are the link to the FAQ ( Q&A Fiverr ).

1. As a Writer :

to writer make money on fiverr

Yeah…If you are very good writer you can earn by working on fiverr. theire are many working on it like this. But You Must have good writtng skill than you can go. you can write blog post. you can provide your sample of article by sharing PDF.

Your starting as 5 $ and as your skill go more with price. but I suggest you first you do more with $. then people will give review by your work.

If review will be positive then go for with more money. like 1000 word per 5 $. not only on in writing skill but also work well as same on another topic.

2. Designing and Photograhy :

Its also Good way to make money. If you have intrest in photog editing and your daoing well then do work in fiverr.

You can work on your clients wants like logo design , background remove , banner etc.

above are just example theire many ways like…

  • Pro Videoedit and animation
  • Quality Content provider
  • Facebook follower
  • Website devlopment
  • Android app devlopment
  • Programmer and tech
  • Also on Lifestyle etc.

so you can see there are many ways.. daily people are finding many topics. so if you have not known yet you can learn first by Fiverr and then start.

So i hope you can start working on it and if you have any proflem reagarding this feel free to comment here and thank you for reading this article.

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