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Youtube : Best Way to Earn Money Online 2018

Earn Money online By Youtube 2018

Hey friends, welcome to my new article where you can learn Earn Money online by youtube 2018. where I am simply explained to how to earn money online by youtube but this is not fast earning method its take time to earn so be motive and patience to work on youtube. so first let’s see which topic you learn.

Highlights :
  • How to Earn Money Online By Youtube
  • How to create channel on Youtube
  • best topic to upload video to youtube
  • How to get more view on Youtube/Rank 1st your video on Youtube
  • Best tips for Success on Youtube

How to Earn Money Online By Youtube :

Everyone knows about Youtube, Youtube is the Best platform for watching video online. in Youtube, you can easily learn on any topic with your favorite language. you also know after Google, youtube platform mostly uses. lots of people daily upload his video to youtube for their passion, fun, money and many more reason.

You Can also Earn money by youtube just uploading your video to youtube. where your video gets more view on youtube you can earn through but before uploading a video you have some requirement.

Requirement to Earn Money On Youtube :

  • Basic Video Editing
  • Mobile/Computer
  • Gmail account
  • Unique Knowledge in Any topic
  • Google Adsense

If you have this you can easily create channel on youtube and don’t worry about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best platform for advertising connects your youtube channel to Earn money from ads. where your channel got 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber within 12 months apply for google adsense and once it approved you earn money. but make sure before applying make sure you read Google Adsense policy.

So, friends, I hope you Understand how you earn money on youtube so let’s move on the second topic How to create channel on Youtube.

How to create channel on Youtube :

If you have Gmail account you can easily create channel on Youtube. follow the steps

  • Just Log in youtube by Your Gmail Account ( Make sure your age is 18 +)
  • Then You can see in option My channel click on it and type your channel name
  • and click on create Channel and its done
  • Now you can upload Your video
  • And customize your channel
Best topic to upload video on youtube :

actually, its depend on you which topic you have knowledge to starting on youtube but some people don’t know so I will tell best most popular topic on youtube.

  • Entertainment topic ( Prank video , funny and comedy )
  • Music topic
  • News topic
  • Technology – Tech series, Unboxing Product
  • Vlogging
  • Cooking etc.
How to get more view on Youtube :

Youtube best tipsI think this is the best topic because above discuss topic is Easy but when people trying to upload video on youtube but he is not getting view and without view he is not getting money and he demotivated and leave youtube so that’s why I give you some tips get to view on youtube just say youtube SEO ( Youtube Search engine optimization ).

  • Video quality Must Be 720p – Youtube must be recommended high-quality Video
  • Your Thumbnail Must be attractive always
  • your video title has also attractive and best title to people think to watch this video
  • always your video file name is your title as also thumbnail image name.
  • your video title should be SEO friendly and always your title is main keyword/tag.
  • description start with your title and describe your video in writing with your other tag/keyword. try to write in 250 to 400 word. ( its help to rank )
  • In Tag Feature, use only 4 to5 with main title ( Do not use black hat SEO )
  • Quality content video
  • Try to minimum 5 to 10 min length of video
  • Best quality voice remove unwanted background noise
  • Share on social media platform ( Create page on Facebook, Instagram and also twitter and many others. )

this is my best tips to increase your view or rank your video on youtube and now let’s move on another topic.

Best tips for Success on Youtube :

Most of the people start to work on youtube but they leave it in short time because not getting response means no view so they leave it so I will give my tips to success on youtube. If you provide quality content than never leave if you just upload your video to youtube and try to use my above-given tips to increase view of your video and one day it comes when your video gets automatically Viral on youtube with lots of views and automatically increase your subscriber and so people also watch your old video and you will get success but never demoted try to schedule your video to upload on youtube.

I hope you liked this article to share with your friends and family and if you any problem or I forgot some tips please feel free to comment.Thank you for Here.

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