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Facebook Data : Download Everything about Your Facebook Data

Download a Copy Of Your Facebook data :

If You are the Facebook user and you want to know about Your Facebook Data. Don’t worry Buddy! here are I will give step by step process to download your Facebook data.

After the News of Facebook leak your data. people want to check him Facebook data. So Facebook has already opted to download all your data.

But before moving on it lets see the How Facebook track your data and what your data save on Facebook.

You’re already Know Facebook tracks your post, like, comments, and also which groups you added, also page but not only this they also track outside of Facebook App.

If you are using the Facebook app and the first facebook ask for permission for calls and your media also for location etc…

They also track your location when the GPS mode was On. After all, they also track your Call and message history. And they check which application was installed on your phone.

So If you are an android user then its easy to track but If you Love Mac or IOS then it’s Safe for your Data.

Check here for the Full list of Your Data access by Facebook.

Facebook tracking your data just for the improvement and designed app for You After all Facebook main profit from his advertisements program.

How to Download Your Facebook data :

  1. Login to Your Facebook account ( Must Open in Desktop or For Mobile Open in chrome version with Desktop View )
  2. Go to Setting on Facebook at Right Side.Setting step of Facebook data
  3.  Now you can See ” Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data ” Click on it.download copy facebook data
  4. See Your Download Information. Click on My archive.start archive facebook data
  5. For the security purpose, they ask Your Facebook password. Enter it and Go ahead.
  6. Then Start My Archive. After that, they send mail to Your Email ( You provide Email on Facebook )receive archive
  7. After some time Facebook Sends you Notification as well as Email. then click on it. they redirect you to Download a copy of Your Facebook data ( As a Download Archive )
  8. They again ask Your password. It’s done! The download was starting.

So now given file will be.ZIP format and after extract, you required Html support to show your Data.

Conclusion :

Facebook is a good way for the communication with other also business purpose. but sharing your Private data on the Facebook data that’s not a good thing so I hope now you all know about it and its help you. Thank You!

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