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Best way to make money online at home 2017 – 2018

Best way to make money online at home 2017 – 2018

So, friends, I am back to again with some awesome, interesting and always trending topic of the internet which means make money online at home. Yes, people try to work at home to make money online but most of the people not used to make money online at home. So if you try to find how to make money online at home than you are the absolute best place.

People think it’s easy to earn online but it takes time to earn. you will also focus on patients, work hard and most important smart work. Yes, smart work is very important to earn online at home because lots of scam to online so make sure you try to avoid things.

So has many ideas about to make money online at home but I will share top 7 tips to make online with you can set your future career and also you set part-time job. But this is not this type tips to earn money within 2 days, 3 days or 10 days. Its take time like 2 months, 3 months so be patient, work hard and smart work. So you agreed that you read this 7 tips to make money online at home 2017 – 2018.

Best way to make money online at home 2017 – 2018 :

1. create a website/blog :

one of the number 1 tricks to earn money online at home by making a website or blog. nowadays, lots of people create their website/blog to make money or much more reasonable. but its not easy to earn because its difficult to rank your website on google. so its take more time to make money online at home. in blogging to get success by keep focus on patients, work hard and smart work. without smart work in blogging or website, you not achieved your goal.

some required to start a website/blog. you have some unique talent about tech, motivation, health or much more niche. need some writing skills, SEO, or many more. but now you not required coding language for make website because many free platforms to create an amazing blog and easily customize blog like WordPress, blogger, Wix and also Tumblr.

I have also seen many people they work on the website and they earn +1000$ per day. I have personally used to make money by making a website. so I give tips – you must first learn about blogging by watching video on youtube than start your website.

2. Freelancing :

freelancing is also one of the best easy methods to earn money online. freelancing is easy method compare to blogging/website. because in freelancing, different types of works are available but you can not choose to freelance for your future career but you can choose to blog as a full-time career but its difficult. you can start work in freelancing as a part-time job.

in freelancing method, you should some requirement to make money easily like writer ( article writer , blog writer , technical writer etc..) developer ( web developer ) broadcasting ( uploading video on youtube) , something new to share ( creative ) you have blogger than you also start freelancing to make double money to double profit. you can easily set in freelancing method by working on 1 or 2 month achieve.

lots of websites to work as freelancing just like Fiverr, upwork, and freelancer.

3. Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate Marketing is also the good method to make money online. in Affiliate Marketing, normally based on a commission system, a person starts selling the product of the company by taking a commission. normally company starts promoting his product by on website/ blog, facebook page or many social media by people to give has money.

when a customer buys his product by suggesting people for the company that company gives his commission. so is also good method but make sure you have a large audience to use this.

here are lots of Affiliate Marketing website on the internet but normally popular as Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal and, many more. people also asked me how to find Affiliate website so you simply search on google like…” Amazon Affiliate “. you can also sell hosting to earn money online like Hostgator, Bluehost etc.

4.Youtuber :

Youtube is the simplest method to earn money online by making your own video. you also know about in youtube daily millions of people around world watch video on youtube. so people upload their video for his unique niche and start making money.

some requirement to get easily successful youtuber

  • video editor
  • creative voice
  • unique talent to share
  • talent about tech, health, motivation, fun, new also many more.

so you can start youtube without any money or investment with just simply uploading a video on youtube but its take also time but also depends on your video.

5. Facebook page :

yes, you can also earn money by creating a Facebook page. nowadays lots of people daily use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. but in Facebook popularity is more compare to other social media like Instagram, Pinterest etc..

you can simply earn money by the monetizing facebook page. but your facebook page has large audience network. you have gain followers on facebook page by sharing some pictures of fun images, quotes, motivation and many more.

6.Online Surveys :

online surveys method is good not for more earning. you can earn money but in less amount but its very easy. so let’s see about online surveys.

many websites start for online paid surveys means company pay for paid reviews or filling the form. so its very easy method but in online surveys method most of the website with scam so you must check his TOS- terms of the condition before you start work.

7. Captcha Solving:

online captcha solving is also related to online surveys methods. online captcha method as a type of best data entry jobs. you just start solving the captcha and you will get paid but in less amount, so online captcha and online surveys method are just one type of microbes at home.

many websites available to join job as captcha solving but make sure you first read their TOS because normally particular country’s user available for this job but its depend on the website.

you can earn daily $1 to $3 by solving 1000 captcha. so if you work on more website than you earn more.

so, friends, I hope you liked this method of making money online at home so make sure you share this article and if any problem feels free to comment.


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