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Best way to Boost your Memory Power – working Tips

Boost your memory power jankariofindia

Best way to Boost your Memory Power

Memory power, yes you know about this was very important but you also know about some people has more memory power means he can easy remembered and also fastly compare to other but other are same but not understand fastly so friends I will share you about the Best way to Boost your Memory Power.

Actually, there are lots of ways to increase your memory power but I will best my best way and I personally try and its really affect on our brain concentration and Boost our Memory power.

So I will give the best tip regarding increase memory power you try it regularly so its effect but you just work for some days then it does not affect so be patience and always do thing way to improve brain concentration because of its take time so let’s see about best ways.

Best way to Boost your Memory Power :

1. Daily Exercise :

Nowadays, Human are very busy for his work so they cannot manage his time for exercise but try to always exercise at least 15 Min. Exercise is not only for Body health or for their maintained growth but also affect on Brain to Developed.

Yes, its effect on Brain concentration because when you exercise your brian stared oxygen so they work properly and to improve your Memory power.

I do not say exercise work 1 hour or 2 hours but at least 15 to 30 min to oxygen supply in brain arteries. or either you start walking/jogging every day.

2. Good Sleeping :

Sleeping is also much important than exercise. Try to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day when your sleeping your brain was charged so even if you working than take a break for 10 to 15 min for sleep so your brain was charged. so good sleep boosts your memory power.

But Make sure you wake up earlier in the morning so try to sleep at 9 0’clock. it’s benefits for you.

3. Yoga/Meditation :

Yoga mediatation boost your memory power jankariofindia

Meditation and exercise both are a different thing. Meditation also improves your memory power.

meditation is reducing your stress, anxiety, and other many thing things. its also protect your brain. after meditation, you feel better ( Happier feeling ) but every day only 5 to 10 minutes do Meditation to get really affect Memory power and its boost your Brainpower.

4. Laughing :

Laughing boost your memory power

Laughing is one of the best medicine for any diseases. once you go on the garden on a morning you show some people are laughing because it’s also good for your Body health. and it’s effect brain power. Its also improve your energy and reduce your stress. so daily Laugh for 5 min especially at morning its effect more.

5. work you Wish :

Work you Wish means work daily which you love like you feel better when you listening music, dancing means just type your hobbies but not more than the hour and its feel free for your brain and improve your memory power.

6. Understand First :

Suppose you are reading so when you are reading at first you what should line indicate and then you go ahead. so when trying to understand means you can try to signal to the brain. understanding is not only for Reading its also for any work like when you talking, riding etc..

7. Imagination film :

Imagination is also improving your memory power. when you imagine so it’s easy to remember and understand.

8. Control of Food :

Food was also responsible for brain power. Eat healthy food to boost your memory power. Just like Eggs, Fresh vegetables are so good to get protein to help our memory power. Eat proper way not as much more good. And also drink water daily 2 to 3 liter for better health.

9. Positive thinking :

Positive thinking is also important without this you can not. So think positive because negative think always be the failure and they can’t boost your memory power.

10. Mind/Puzzle Games :

There are not complete but if you like play games then you can play mind/ puzzle games they focus on your brain to start work. Lots of free games available try it there are also improve your memory power.

Conclusion :

Now you all understand how to improve memory power and you can daily try this tip. they will really affect and boost your memory power.

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