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Benefits and disadvantage of Using mobile phone

Benefits and disadvantage of Using mobile phone.

Hey Friends, Welcome friends again to my new interesting and most useful article Benefits and disadvantage of mobile. Yes, nowadays majority people have a smart phone in the world. So nowadays this is big issue people time waste on mobile phones but also do work on the mobille phone so friends today I will tell you some Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile phones.

It is very important to know about this because now Mobile is our routine life like eating food. Yeah..this is true people can’t live without mobile. Many advantages and disadvantage of mobile phones possible but I will share major benefits and Disadvantage of mobile phones.

  • Benefits ( Advantage ) of Mobile phones.
  • disadvantage of Mobile phone.

Benefits ( Advantage ) and Disadvantage of Mobile phones :

Benefits of the Mobile phone :

1. Time-Saving:

Yes, Mobile major benefits are Time-saving. Old days, mobile is mainly designed for calling but now in 2017 mobile called Smart Phone because of many important works as possible by mobile.

Lots of features, tool, application are available to use and save our time (Time-saving) just like Paytm – pay money by directly through mobile very fast , document work on mobile, sharing file , message send and receive – lots of application available on phone ( ex. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram ), Talk to each other. So mobile is major use as Time-saving.

You know about Mobile Fact: Most of the Mobile user use their mobile for Watch time. Yeah, most people see time on the mobile phone.

2. Communication :

Communication, people use their mobile for calling or talk to each other. So they improved their communication skills. For many reasons help, business work or other.

3. Connected with Someone :

most of the people use their phone to connect with people means relation with people for friends, family. in mobile phone many apps available to use. using mobile phone people not connect with a single person but connected to multiple users.

4.Emergency time:

Mobile phones are most important when an emergency case like when accident case means when an emergency using a mobile call to her relatives and immediately try to solve the problem by connecting through mobile phones. purpose :

the mobile phone is also major benefits to use a phone to study any topic. most important for a student. because of lots of free application available o play store and also many websites available to learn any topic using the mobile phone through internet access. books are combined in pdf, ppt also capture a pic of points to read out easily on phone. so its very important for study purpose.

Nowadays some college student has compulsory to have mobile because professor lecture notes, their presentation can only available and read on mobile.

6. Grow business :

Using Mobile phone we can improve our business of any topic. yes there are billions of people use their mobile phones so we can grow our business on a smartphone using building large Facebook page means using social Media like Instagram, Twitter and also on WhatsApp. you can share your plan of the company to people and attract people join us by using a mobile phone like advertising, marketing type.

7. Improve knowledge :

yeah, using smart you can be developed your mind but it takes proper process means you can improve your knowledge. on the internet lots of websites are availble now with high-quality content means with properly describe information regarding any topic. you can just simply search and read it its can so easy to improve. also, you watch a video of any topic available in many languages so it’s so easy to understand. you can watch a free video on Youtube, Dailymotion etc.

8. Face to Face talk :

Face to Face talk means you can talk on live video call. yes, nowadays many application availble to video call your friends, family member or anyone just like Skype, also available on WhatsApp and much more using a mobile phone.

9. Earn Money :

user also earn lots of money using mobile phone. just you have some unique to talent share on internet by mobile. also they daily type the project for freelancer and earn through and many methods to earn money using the Mobile phone.

Disadvantage of Mobile phones :

1. Time Waste :

in the first part, i will tell you mobile benefits, mobile is for time-saving at any activity. but people do not mainly use their for mobile phone for time-saving because they use their smartphone for Timepass. just like watching a useless movie, play games, listening songs, fun or useless chat or long time useless talk and much more reason. so its totally time waste through useless activity on mobile.

2. Effect on Health :

human health , more use of mobile its affect our health and also on our Body. because Mobile has Electromagnetic waves like traditions they can produce cancer in the human body and it’s too dangerous. and many effects produce on our body through using much more time using a mobile phone.

3. Bad Effect of Social Media :

Normally social media for the business, important chat or talk but use lots of water time on social media using a smartphone. they just use social media for fun, chatting and sharing own images, likes on image and many more reason but not for improve knowledge, grow businesses and just simple watch comedy video normally at a young age its very bad effect of mobile.

4. Eye problems :

Already many cases of eye problem occur through Mobile phones. when we use a mobile phone – blue light comes from mobile and its attach to eye and problem occur on an eye. its to harmful to use mobile phone on High brightness. use your phone always as low brightness but not use also very low brightness because it also effects on the eye. people use their phone in the night as full brightness at the night blue light directly effect on Retina so do not use your phone at night in high brightness.

Many applications are available to off blue lights on mobile and now some mobile gave a blue light turn on/of features so use this features.

5. Real Interaction with someone :

mobile phone use as communicates with each other but when he/she really talk to each other. they have don’t skill to how to communicate means no real interaction skills or how to interact with each other in real life. so its also affect on real interaction with someone.

the smartphone is good technology but people has does not know about actually How to use mobile phones. so there are lots of small and major benefits also disadvantage of mobile phones but people try to avoid the disadvantage of mobile phones but now it’s our daily habit of life.

So, friends, I hope you learn something from this article so please share with your friends, family. and if I missed any points regarding this topic feel free to comment here.

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