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Upcoming Android P New Features and Changes 2018

Upcoming Android P New Features and Changes 2018 :

Google has already available Android P for the Developer. if you are the fan of Android version update so that’s good news for you. Google currently working on Android P for the better experience for his user. Android P is the 9 the version of the Android version. there more new feature coming in Android P.

Now, earlier in March 2018, Google just preview about Android Pbut in limited Mobile … of course preview or beta for Android P for Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel, Pixel 2.

IF you have not pixel series phone, so you use Android Emulator and see the preview of Android P Version.

Android P Features :

Now, in Beta use some are the changes in Android P. mainly changes is Designing but now this for only developers and Pixel latest series user in Beta Mode.

Changes In Notification Bar :

This is big features of this version because people just waiting for this. Now you can reply to Notification without the opening app. you can just send a message just scrolling notification bar with also other running background app.( Checkout in the image )

Now you can Control which Notification show on Notification bar without changes in setting. there is two option KEEP SHOWING and the stop notification. you can just click on stop notification do they do not appear as on notification bar either you also choose KEEP SHOWING.

If you want to see Time! SO here are in Android P version, Time will be the show at the top bar left… it’s really useful.

Time feature android p

USB and Media Dialogus box are changes look professionally to New style. also, Multi cameras usage feature and Batter percentage data are lightly visible at the center of Bottom but it’s in the limited smartphone. and also Do not Disturb dialog box are simple to use them.

Android p logos look amazing but when you open this and when you lock your phone and again relock this color was changed this is also the new thing.

Android P release Date:

Google has already launched Android p ( Version 9 ) for developer and beta user and but some are the featured will be developing in Android P for more features. So android P may be release nearly Aug 2018. but first would be Update in Google phones then after moving on another phone.

IF you more information about watch this video by Tim Schofield.

And I suggest You Don’t try to Install Android P without Officially Update.but its depend on you. So please comment here on what you wish in Android P to get more experience and thanks for reading.

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